Custom glass window treatments typically use layers to create a sense of depth and style. Homeowners need to understand what these layers are and how to deploy them to maximize a room's appearance. You should become familiar with these six layers.


Curtains are the stars of the show in most custom-made glass window treatments. They set the tone for the overall treatment with their colors and patterns. Likewise, they frame the vertical length of the center of the treatment. On the practical front, the curtains' thickness determines how much light will get into the room. Also, they determine how private the window will be.


Drapes constitute a heavier layer that goes over the curtains without blocking them most of the time. Typically, drapes extend further than the curtains to frame custom glass window treatments. Drapes also offer more light blocking, allowing you to shift from letting in light to maximizing privacy by pulling them shut.


If you want an alternative to curtains, blinds are great. They offer finer light control, making them great for high-exposure areas. You also can purchase wood blinds if you want the treatment to look more natural. Some people install blinds and then use curtains to take over the role of the draping layer for a lighter look.


Installing panels on both sides of a window provides a more ideal level of privacy. Shutter panels can mount to the inside or outside of the window. Many people install exterior shutters as a treatment for the outside of the window. Outdoor shutters also serve as a protective barrier in regions that get high windows. Indoor shutters serve as alternatives to drapes.


A valance is a fabric panel that blocks other features of the window. Especially with the rise of motorized components, many windows have elements that aren't visually appealing. Valances cover these components.

Some homeowners also use valances to bridge the gap between drapes. Particularly if you have a large set of drapes or a tall window, valances can make the space feel less overwhelming.

Sheer Fabrics

Light and partially transparent fabrics add a sense of softness to custom-made glass window treatments. When outdoor light passes through sheer fabrics, it diffuses. This softens the lighting in the entire room. People often employ sheer fabrics underneath the curtains for an additional layer. If you have a dark room with heavy curtains and drapes, this approach makes the lighter area around the sheer fabric into the room's focal point.

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