If you've recently moved into a new home in a part of the country that is susceptible to hurricanes, one of the residential upgrades that you'll want to make is adding hurricane shutters over each of the windows in the home. A supplier that specializes in hurricane shutters carries all sorts of products for you to consider. While you might initially think of aluminum shutters, given their popularity, there are other options on the market. Clear shutters made of durable plastic are an option that many homeowners choose. Here are three benefits of equipping your home with clear hurricane shutters.

Allows Light

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a clear hurricane shutter is that it allows some light to pass through. This is a significant contrast to aluminum shutters, which completely block out the light. When you're in your home during a storm, you'll appreciate that clear shutters will help the interior of the residence to be somewhat bright during daytime hours. This can especially be valuable when the storm is bad enough that you've lost power to your home. When natural light can enter the residence through the shutters, you won't have to unnecessarily use flashlights and candles during daytime hours.

Offers The Ability To See Out

If you've ever been in a home that has its hurricane shutters closed, you'll be aware of the isolated feeling of not knowing what is going on outside. While you'll hear high winds and rain hitting the outside of the residence, you might wonder exactly how bad the storm is — but not want to open a door to find out. When you have clear hurricane shutters, you'll be able to see through each of the shutters to have a sense of what is going on in your neighborhood. This may help you to feel less isolated during a time that can already be stressful.

Is Less Obvious Visually

Some people mount hurricane shutters before storms and then take them down afterward, while others keep the shutters mounted permanently — but open them when there's no storm in the forecast. If you have the latter mindset, you may find that clear shutters offer a better look on the exterior of your residence. Whereas aluminum shutters can be very obvious because of their opaque nature, clear shutters aren't nearly as obvious when someone looks at the home from the outside. Learn more about clear hurricane shutters by shopping at a local supplier.