Mention window blinds to most people now, and they'll think of horizontal or vertical blinds in beige, tan, almond, or other variations of neutral colors. Or, if they think of wood blinds, white, brown, and a bunch of "wood" colors may come to mind. Those can all be very nice, but if you've gotten a bit tired of the beige range of colors, you now have another option: any color you want. Yes, you can now get blinds in colors like blue, purple, and even gold. While these are not that common – you likely won't find the whole range of colors in a big box store – you can order them. Some companies may even custom-make blinds in even more colors. 

These Aren't Just Paper Shades

Temporary paper blinds, those accordion-folded shades that you stick on the wall above a window that has no other covering, have been available in different colors for a while. But thicker, "real" blinds with slats that you can rotate are now joining in the fun. Some companies sell ready-to-go sets, but others require a custom order. Keep in mind that not all companies offer these, so it may take a bit of searching, but it shouldn't take long to find them.

Add Some Variety to an Otherwise Neutral or White Room

Why would you want to diverge from neutral blinds? If you've got a room with beige carpet, white or "almond" walls, white window frames, neutral closet doors, and so on, you've got a lot of neutrals hanging out in the background already. Many people would turn to curtains or roller shades to add some color, but if you prefer blinds, you may think you're stuck with another neutral shade. Not anymore as you can get some nice light blue horizontal blinds to contrast with that white wall.

Most blinds are still neutral in color for good reason. They are less intrusive visually and able to go with most decor. But colors are a lot more fun. If you've got a lot of windows that are the same dimensions, you can get a few different colors and rotate them throughout different rooms. (That's actually kind of helpful if you follow a form of feng shui that uses color to improve a space.)

Custom Blinds May Give You Even More Color Choices

You can take a look at ready-to-use offerings, but do speak with companies that make custom blinds. They may have access to a larger range of colors, which would allow you to get blinds in a shade that matches more closely with the intended decor for the room.