If you're adding the finishing touches to your rental home, now's the time to consider window treatments. Window treatments are an important part of any rental property. You might think you can leave the window treatments to your tenants, but that's not the case. If they install the treatments wrong, you could end up with significant damage. Window treatments give your rental property the finished quality tenants are looking for. If you're not sure how to choose window treatments for your rental property, read the list provided below. You'll find some tips that will help you choose window treatments for every room in the house. 

Window Tinting

Now that you're buying window treatments for your rental home, think about sun protection and privacy. You want your windows to provide sun protection and privacy. One way to do both is to start with window tinting. Window tinting helps make your rental home more energy efficient. The added efficiency will lower utility bills. Window tinting also helps protect against sun damage. As a final benefit, window tinting provides a layer of privacy for your tenants. 

Vertical Blinds

If there are large windows or sliding glass doors in your rental property, be sure to add vertical blinds. One of the great things about vertical blinds is that they can get customized for any sized windows. Not only that, but vertical blinds can be adjusted to accommodate changes in the sun's position throughout the day. As an added benefit, damaged slats can be replaced. That means you won't need to replace the entire blind when one or two slats are damaged. 

Roller Blinds

If your rental property is in an area that gets severe weather conditions, you might want to consider installing roller blinds. Roller blinds can be closed tight to provide protection against strong winds and hail storms. Roller blinds also provide added security, which is good if your rental home will be vacant from time to time. One of the benefits of roller blinds is that they can be installed on all of your windows. 


If you want to increase the appeal of your rental property, now's the time to add draperies. Draperies work well in living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. There are a variety of drapery options to choose from. For instance, thermal draperies help to improve energy efficiency. Blackout drapes block out the sun. This is especially beneficial if your tenants are day sleepers. 

For more info on window treatments, contact a company near you.