If you want to get the most out of your exterior renovations, you are going to want to invest in new finishes like siding. In addition to the siding, some details and improvements will help give you more value from the investment in these improvements. The following siding installation information will help you get the most out of your investment in new siding for your home renovation projects:

Custom siding styles and materials for renovations—Today, there are more options than ever when it comes to the siding materials and styles that you can have installed on your home. First, you may want to consider options like composite lumber, vinyl, and metal when it comes to materials' choices. To give your home a unique custom exterior, some options for mixing and matching siding styles include:

  • Craftsman-style designs with shakes and board-and-batten
  • Contemporary designs with modern composites and fiber cement panels
  • Rustic siding styles with rough-hewn and log-style siding finishes
  • Traditional lap siding with vinyl, composites, and many other materials

These are options that you are going to want to consider when it comes to mixing and matching siding styles to give you home a custom design.

Choosing cornice and molding features for your siding—The siding is not the only material you will need to choose for your renovations. Siding installation will also need to have cornice and molding materials, which is a great way to improve your home exterior's appearance. You may want to use features like wide friezes around openings and other features to enhance your new siding appearance. You can also add custom moldings to the eaves and other areas where there is soffit that meets that siding at walls.

Adding details and custom architectural features to siding—Other siding details can be added to your home. The details can be features like minor details or custom woodwork for structural components like columns. Some extra details and architectural details that can be added to your siding installation include:

  • Custom columns to match new siding
  • False timber brackets to add details to eaves
  • Prefabricated architectural features that can be installed with siding

These are some details and architectural features that can be added to your home exterior when installing new siding.

Investing in other exterior improvements when installing siding—When you are investing in new siding, you also want to invest in other improvements to protect your investment. Additional features like adding gutters, improving drainage, and updating waterproofing systems will help protect the new siding and your home from damage. If you have old roofing, you may also want to consider having a roof replacement done when doing extensive renovations.

Siding and exterior renovations can be a great investment to add value to your home. Call a siding contractor and talk to them about these solutions to get more from these renovations.