Are you ready to purchase new shades for the windows in your home, but are undecided on which kind to get? You may be debating between pleated and honeycomb style shades. Here are some differences between the two so that you can make an informed decision before you purchase them.

The Construction

The main difference between these two types of shades is going to be how they look on your windows. The honeycomb style utilizes a dual layer or material that creates small cells that look like honeycombs. It essentially offers two layers of window covering material due to how they are manufactured. Meanwhile, the pleated style of shades only has one layer of material. The pleated name comes from how it looks like an accordion with how the material folds when the shades are open. 

The Energy Efficiency

If you have concerns about how the shades will improve the energy efficiency of your home, know that honeycomb style shades are going to be the better option of the two. The two layers of material are going to better insulate your home and prevent energy from being lost through your windows. Pleated style shades due provide insulation, but that single layer of material is not going to do as well of a job as honeycomb shades.

The Cost

The differences in these two materials will result in different price points. Pleated style shades are more affordable for homeowners that are on a budget when it comes to their shades, which is due to them being made with less material from the accordion style. Meanwhile, honeycomb shades will cost a bit more when compared directly to its pleated counterpart. 

The Privacy

It is possible to purchase honeycomb shades in a variation that completely blacks out a room. This is done by putting a different type of material on the inside of the cells that do not allow light in. This can give you total privacy if it is desired. However, the normal construction of honeycomb shades naturally provides more privacy due to having two layers of fabric. Pleated style shades are often made out of sheer material that offers less privacy in its normal configuration. There are options to add blackout liners for total privacy.

The Safety

Both styles of shades are made with versions that do not have cords. This makes the shades safer to use in homes with pets and small kids that can get tangled in the cords.

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