If you live in an older home, it may still have the original, wooden doors for the front and back entryways. Because they are starting to look worn or even beginning to rot, you may need to replace them. If so, consider the following reasons why you should think about replacing your doors with models constructed from reinforced steel.

1.  Reinforced Steel Doors Last Longer

Since your current outer doors are made from wood, and they are exposed to constant moisture and sunlight exposure, the material will wear down through the years. The wood will dry out and split from the rays of the sun and expanding ice. It will also soak up moisture, causing the wood to expand and eventually rot. Even if you paint or treat the door every few years, this arduous task will still not ensure complete protection.

However, if you opt for reinforced steel doors, the metal will withstand the elements throughout the years without drying out, splitting, or rotting. And, since the color of the steel penetrates through the metal, you do not have to worry about painting or treating the door every few years to protect it and keep it looking nice.

2.  Reinforced Steel Doors Are Harder to Break Into

Another reason why you should consider replacing your home's exterior entryway doors with reinforced steel doors is that the latter is harder to break into. Unless your present doors are made from a hardwood such as oak, they can be busted and broken, making it easier for someone to break into your home. However, reinforced steel doors have several layers of protection that make them harder to bust through. There are two types of reinforced doors from which you can choose, both of which will provide better protection over wooden doors.

The first type of steel door has a wooden interior that has steel covering the exterior. This provides layers of protection around the outside of the door that makes it harder to break. The second type of steel door has metal throughout its structure. If you are particularly concerned about break-ins, this type of door may be a better selection because it is virtually unbreakable.

If your old wooden front or back door is wearing out, consider switching it out with a model made from reinforced steel. Contact a business that offers the installation of replacement doors to learn more about your options.