If you are moving somewhere where storms are common, you are going to want to make sure that you have storm shutters in place. Storm shutters help keep your home safe. It is important to know how your storm shutters work so you can appreciate how they keep your home safe.

1. Keeps the Building Envelope Intact

Storm shutters, when properly shut and sealed, protect your home when strong storms hit. To start with, they keep wind-borne debris from hitting your home and damaging the window. They also help keep the building envelope intact. The building envelope is the balance of pressure when your home is sealed during a storm. If the building envelope is broken during a storm, the sudden amount of pressure that comes into your home could cause major structural damage to your home as the wind from the storm enters your home.

2. Protect Your Belongings From Damage

Storm shutters help protect your belongings from damage. Storm shutters ensure your windows are not broken. Broken windows during a storm can result in significant damage to your home. Broken windows can lead to water and debris getting inside of your home and causing more damage.

3. Required in Some States

In some states, either impact windows or storm shutters are required. Most states generally have these requirements for new buildings, but old buildings are not required to retrofit with impact windows and/or storm shutters. However, this requirement tells you that storm shutters are an important safety feature for homes in areas where hurricanes and tornadoes are a regular occurrence.

4. Impact Your Insurance Rates

Next, having storm shutters on all of your windows can also have a positive impact on your insurance rates. Since storm shutters are a safety feature that helps improve the safety of your home and protect it from damage, you can expect to save money on your homeowner's insurance policy when you add storm shutters your home.

5. Help the Resale Value of Your Home

Finally, adding storms shutters to your home will help increase its resale value. Especially if you live in an area where strong storms are common, having a home that is well-protected so that a buyer doesn't have to add these elements can help make your home more appealing.

Storm shutters help keep flying debris out of your home and help protect the building envelope from damage. Storm shutters can also help lower your insurance rates while increasing the resale value of your home. For more information on choosing a window shutters treatment for your home's windows, contact your local professionals today.