The windows play an important aesthetic and functional role in your home. If they're outdated or in poor condition, they can't really serve their purpose all too well. If this has happened to your windows, you should strongly consider these window replacements. 

Double-Hung Windows

If you're looking for windows that don't protrude that much, both on the exterior and interior, you'll want to go with double-hung windows. They are fairly common in many homes today and come with a lot of benefits.

For one, they are extremely versatile. Their all-encompassing style makes them a great fit for many types of homes, including modern, traditional, and even rustic. They also are fairly simple to keep clean, since a lot of them come with tilt-out upper and lower sashes. These windows can also open from the top or bottom, all while remaining firmly positioned on a frame. 

Slider Windows 

Sometimes when you're at home, you want to open your windows to allow cool breezes in. This will be extremely easy if you install sliding windows in your home. As their name implies, these windows slide horizontally. You don't have to apply too much force to open and close them.

In addition to being extremely easy to use, slider windows don't come with a lot of parts. They are, therefore, simple to maintain over the years. Since slider windows don't contain any pulleys or spring mechanisms, they are much more durable. They'll last for decades, as long as you take care of them properly.

Picture Windows 

If your home is positioned by a lake or on a large hill, you'll want to put in picture windows. They are extremely large and remain in one place, making them great to look out of for hours. Since they do have a fixed position, you don't have to worry about costly parts. 

What's particularly nice about picture windows is the heat gain they offer. Even during the winter months, the sun can heat these windows up and provide warmth to the interior of your home. You may receive so much heat gain that you can cut down on your furnace costs each month. They're also one of the best windows for bringing in natural light.

Windows are extremely important structures for your home, and you don't want to select a replacement set on a whim. Instead, you need to think about what window features you covet most. Then, you can choose windows that look great and work out perfectly for your property.