When you own cats, you may know about some of the things that you have to watch out for in your home to avoid unnecessary damage. For instance, you may keep fabric stain cleaner on hand so that you are able to respond to one of your cats throwing up a hairball. When you go shopping for window treatments, you should consider the cats while deciding on a purchase.

If you are determined to have curtains in your home, you will have a better chance of them lasting a long time when you are willing to get them custom-made by professionals.

Durable Header

An important quality to get with these curtains is a durable header. This is the part that you put through the mounting rod so that each curtain stays attached while hanging. If the header is not strong enough, the fabric could end up ripping if one of your cats applies enough pressure.

Although you could repair this section by reinforcing it with extra fabric, you will not have to worry about this problem happening if you invest in a durable header initially.

Tension Rods

When you are putting up curtains, you will have several options for mounting. At first thought, you may want to go with standard mounting rods that you nail into the wall on each side. But, you will find it beneficial to use tension rods that lose their grip with enough force. This will prevent your cats from being able to grab onto the curtain and tear the fabric with ease.

Instead, the curtain and tension rod will fall to the ground. This means you will have to pick it back up, but you will find that it is easier to protect your curtains with this setup. You can have professionals pick out tension rods that you know will work with your custom curtains.

Thick Fabric

While you may like the idea of having sheer curtains in your home, you should make a compromise because your cats will easily be able to scratch through the material. Investing in a thick fabric is the easiest way to protect your curtains and avoid permanent damage. You may also want to invest in a weaving pattern that is not easy for your cats' nails to get snagged on.

Being thorough when selecting design options for custom-made curtains will help you avoid problems when you set them up even with cats in your home. Contact a company like Shading Concepts for more information and assistance.