Replacing your old windows can give your home a new look while also improving energy efficiency. If you've hired a window services company to replace the windows, there are a few things you should do in advance to prepare for this project. Use the following guide to help ensure your replacement project goes smoothly.

Move Your Furniture

Your contractors will need room to work inside the home, and this means you'll likely need to move some furnishings around. Doing this ahead of time can ensure the contractors can get to work right away. Move furniture away from the windows, and remove any blinds or curtains you have hanging above each window. You may also want to cover the floors with a tarp to protect the carpet or hard flooring surfaces from damage during the window installation.

Rent A Small Dumpster

If you are replacing all of the windows in your home, there may be a significant amount of construction debris. In some cases, the contractors will need to remove a portion of the drywall and replace it once the new windows are installed. Renting a dumpster will provide a place for this debris, as well as any old window frames and sashes, to be thrown away. Ask your contractors in advance if they will be hauling away your old windows. If not, they can also be placed in the dumpster. Arrange with your dumpster rental company to have the unit dropped off the day before the project is scheduled so it's already in place when the window service arrives.

Clear The Yard

Your window service will likely need access to the outside of your home too, so take some time to clear away any children's toys, gardening tools, or other items that might obstruct access to the windows. Store these items in the garage or backyard until the project is complete. If you have a pet, you'll also want to make sure that it is secure in an area of the home that's away from the contractors. Keeping the pet outside can be an issue when the contractors need to access the exterior of the home. You'll also want to make sure your sidewalks are clear, as the window service contractors will need a path to the dumpster as well as their truck or van.

Ask your window service if it has a checklist you can use to make sure you are prepared for the start of the project, and take some time to plan all of the things you'll need to do before the contractors arrive.