It's admirable to decide that you want to replace a window in your home when you realize that this job needs going, but it's also a good idea to step back and consider hiring an experienced window contractor. When you do the work yourself, there's always the chance that you'll install your replacement window incorrectly, which can lead to further problems down the road. However, this isn't the only risk of the do-it-yourself approach. It's also possible that you could get hurt. Window replacement might not seem overly dangerous on the surface, but it's a task that carries some risks. Here are three ways that you might hurt yourself.

Getting Pinched By The Window

It's shockingly easy to get a body part pinched by the window when you're installing it. A window has to fit tightly into the wall around it, which means that you may find yourself pushing the window into its hole — and pinching one of your fingers in the process. Your fingers aren't the only body parts that you can get pinched during this job. Some DIYers may be tempted to set the bottom of a large window down on their shoe to avoid sitting it on the ground, but unless you're wearing steel-toed footwear, you may end up hurting yourself because of the weight of the window.

Falling Off A Ladder

Even if you're installing a window on the ground floor of your home, you'll need a ladder or a section of scaffolding to get up high enough to handle this job. The risk of falling is high, in part due to the weight of the window. For example, if you're trying to maintain control of it and get off balance, you may lean too far and fall to the ground below. Even if you only fall a couple feet, you can end up with an injury. The issue will be compounded if you drop the window, too, as it will likely break.

Getting Cut

Residential windows aren't typically made of tempered glass, which means that they're susceptible to breaking. While you might think that the risk of breaking a window during installation is low, this isn't always the case. For example, it's easy to drop a pry bar or other tool while you're working above the window and have the glass shatter. Similarly, if you put too much pressure on the frame, it can put a lot of force on the glass and cause it to crack. Your close proximity to the glass during such an event can leave you with a serious cut.

If you're concerned about any of these injuries, plan to hire a contractor to install your replacement windows for you.