The gutters on your home are a versatile improvement that does not have to be plain metal canals. With the addition of features like guards, rain chains and collection systems, your gutters can have attractive, practical improvements. Here are some of the practical and attractive improvements that you will want to consider for the gutters on your home:

1. Gutter Guards That Are Attractive and Give Your Practical Protection

If you want to have an attractive improvement to your home, gutter guards may not be something that you have been thinking about. Today, there are solid gutter guards that give the gutters a sleek look and practical purpose. These solid gutter guards will also help protect your home from storm damage. The guards allow debris to freely flow over the gutters, which prevents problems like ice damage or debris clogging up the gutter system. The guards will also reduce maintenance like cleaning the gutters during the fall months when they become full of leaf debris.

2. Rain Chains and Drainage for More Attractive Gutter Designs

One of the most unattractive features of your gutters are the downspouts, but they do not have to be. Today, there are options like rain chains, which are an attractive addition to gutters and will give you a unique water feature when it does rain. In addition, you may want to consider solutions for the drainage, such as buried drain pipes. The water can also be collected and used for many things outside of your home. There are many different solutions for attractive basins that are installed at the base of rain chains to prevent splashing and make them more attractive.

3. Attractive Rain Collection Improvements for Your Gutters

Rain collection systems are another improvement that you may not consider when you think about attractive gutter improvements. There are many components of a rain collection system that can be attractive, such as decorative enclosures for rain barrels. There are also things that can be done with basins and filtration to make a rain collection system attractive. If you have installed rain chains, at their base a gravel covered basin will filter water before it travels through drain lines to the barrels.

These are some of the practical and attractive improvements that you will want to consider for the gutters on your home. If you are ready to start with some of these improvements, contact a gutter service like Innovations Siding & Windows and talk with them about some of these improvements for your gutters.