Most modern windows are made out of metal, vinyl, or fiberglass. These synthetic materials are popular in both residential and commercial construction because they are low maintenance, reliable, and affordable. However, some people prefer the more classic, old fashion look of wood windows. Wood might not be as popular as it used to be, but it is still a material that you should consider for your remodel. This article explains why wood is still a great choice:

Wood Needs More Maintenance

It is important to start out by listing the various drawbacks of wood when it comes to window construction. First of all, wood is not naturally waterproof. This can be an issue with windows because moisture damage can cause the wood to expand and swell. This can compromise the integrity of the glass panes within the frame. Usually, the glass becomes loose within the frame and then you are left with a leaky window. But, you can easily prevent these problems by always maintaining the waterproof finish on your wood.

Your windows will be waterproofed with a clear stain or paint finish. These finishes need to be maintained to protect the wood. That is, if you wait for the paint to fade and only paint it when it is time to freshen up the color, it might already be too late. The exterior side of any window will need more attention than the interior. As long as you refinish your wood once every 5 years, you shouldn't have any moisture damage problems. As you can see, wood does need some extra TLC, but it is really not that demanding.

Wood is Easily Customized

Some homeowners love wood because it is the easiest material to customize. That is, you can repaint or stain it to change the color whenever you want. This gives you much more freedom than synthetic materials that you cannot repaint.

Wood is Stylish and Strong

Most people who invest in wooden windows will be chiefly attracted to the style of the material. But, you should not discount how strong and reliable wood is. It offers great energy efficiency and durability at the same time. It is a sturdy product that can be equipped with the state of the art locking and security devices. So, you can rest assured that wooden windows will have all of the modern amenities of synthetic materials.

If you like the look of wooden windows over the alternatives, you should definitely go for it. Contact a company like JFK Window & Door Co for more information and assistance.