If you want to purchase energy efficient windows for your home, you need to make sure that you understand all of the terms that are going to provide you with that information. Here are four important window terms you need to understand that will provide you with insight into the energy efficiency of the window you are interested in purchasing.

#1 U-Factor

The u-factor lets you know how insulated a window is. The level of insulation that you need depends on where you live. If you live in the northern or central regions of the United States, you are going to want the best rated U-factor windows you can find. If you live in the southern regions of the United States, a slightly higher u-factor rating is okay.

With u-factor ratings, you are looking for the smallest number possible. The smaller the number and the closer it is to zero, the more insulated the window is, which means that the window will keep the temperatures out and help keep the temperatures inside of your home stabilized.

 #2 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

Solar heat gain coefficient is another number that lets you know how energy efficient the window is. This number lets you know how much heat from the sun makes it through the window and into your home.

However, what type of solar heat gain coefficient you should look for really depends on where you live.  If you live in the north, where it is cold for a significant percentage of the year, you want the highest solar heat gain coefficient you can get in order to naturally warm up your house. If you live in the south, you want the lowest solar heat gain coefficient in order to naturally help cool off your house. If you live in the central U.S., you may want to go with a number more in the middle.

#3 Air Leakage

The final number that you need to pay attention to is the air leakage number. The air leakage number lets you know how much air makes it around your windows and flows into your home. One of the biggest source of drafts in your home is often your windows; choosing windows with a low air leakage number will help ensure that your windows are as air-tight as possible, which will help increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Keep in mind when shopping for energy efficient windows, it is not just about the best numbers; it is also about getting the right window ratings for where you live. Contact a company like EZ Sound Proof to learn more about different window ratings.