Remodeling the outside of your home is always a smart investment. You can make your property look more modern and improve its curb appeal. Ultimately, most exterior remodels will have a greater effect on the value of your property. This is why exterior remodels are so popular for homeowners to plan on selling their home soon. One of the best exterior remodels is installing vinyl siding. It is an affordable and durable product that you can probably install on your own. This article explains the installation process so you can decide whether you want to do the work or let professionals handle it.

Logistical and Physical Demands

First of all, you need to consider the logistics of transporting the vinyl siding to your job site. Most manufacturers make sheet and panel siding that is cut to manageable lengths. This means that you can get it to your house with a large truck. You don't need to rent heavy duty moving equipment. The vinyl also comes in manageable packages. Usually, one person can carry a couple of packages at once. Vinyl is not that heavy, but the pieces can be long and awkward to handle.

You need to also remember that you will be carrying the pieces while climbing up and down the ladder. Even though the vinyl is not that heavy, the workload is intense. Installing vinyl siding is a job that goes smoother if you have at least 4 or 5 helpers. If you have a couple people actually installing the vinyl, you can create a basic assembly line and dramatically speed up the project.

Installing the Vinyl

Vinyl siding is specifically designed with self-installation in mind. It has a modular construction so the pieces can be attached to each other with minimal tools, glue, screws, or fasteners. Usually, the pieces basically snap together without any tools. There is an anchor piece that needs to be secured to the existing sidewalls, but the majority of the siding can be attached to the wall without any tools.

The pieces also need to be cut to the right length. A compound miter saw and a handheld circular saw are both necessary. If you don't own these tools, you can rent them on a daily basis. Vinyl can be easily cut with normal wood saw blades.

Installing vinyl siding will definitely be a time-consuming and tiring project, but it is definitely manageable for most people. When you do the work on your own, you save a lot of money. Contact a company like Cornerstone Home Improvement for more information.