If the glass in your sliding glass door cracks or breaks, you will have to get it replaced. But before you order another single-pane window to replace the one that was broken, you should consider the following five features that you can add on to your next sliding glass door. 

Dual or Triple Pane Doors 

Windows have gone beyond single pane glass. Double and triple pane windows are more energy efficient, keeping your home well insulated. However, many people continue to install single pane sliding glass doors in their homes. Since a sliding glass door covers such a large area of your wall, it is important that you choose an energy efficient model. You should select at least a dual pane option, but for the most energy savings, you should look into sliding glass doors with triple panes. 

Internal Blinds 

It can be difficult to find a window treatment that works well with most doors. With sliding glass doors, you have the issue of being unable to open the door if the window treatment is down. Also, attachment options for blinds and curtain rods are limited. To overcome this problem with an elegant solution you can order dual pane glass with internal blinds. These doors come with Venetian blinds installed between the two layers of glass with an external mechanism that controls the blinds. 

Unfortunately, what you gain in style you may lose in energy efficiency as the glass cannot be filled with heavier gas, which usually provides the insulation in dual-pane solutions. 

Tinted Glass

Because sliding glass doors are so large, they can allow a lot of sun into your home. While this can be beneficial at times, it can also make your home too hot in the summer and can damage your carpet where the sun hits. To limit damage and make your home comfortable you can apply an anti-UV tinting to your glass. This can limit glare and allow natural light into your home without making it overly hot or bright inside. It is a good idea if you live in overly sunny, warm areas. 

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass gives you some of the benefits of tinted glass, such as UV protection, but it goes a step further to offer you greater privacy. While this option may limit your view outside, it also limits the view that strangers have of your home. Frosted glass obscures the view of the interior of your home both during the day and at night when your lights are on and people can usually see in easily. With window frosting, you may not have to worry about additional drapery treatments. 

Frosted glass is a good option if your sliding glass doors face a street or park or if you do not have a high privacy fence in your back yard. 

Stained Glass

It is possible for you to order a fully customized piece of stained glass. This requires you to send a photo to a company who will then adjust the photo to a stained glass pattern and create a piece of glass for your door. This can allow you to express yourself and add a truly unique piece of artwork to your home. It adds a bit of privacy while also allowing you to see out more clearly than with frosted glass. 

If you have to replace your sliding glass door, you should think of it as an opportunity to explore the many modern options available to you. You are no longer limited to single pane, clear glass for your sliding glass door. Instead, opt for one of these more modern options that can update your home and add functionality to your sliding glass door. For more information, contact a business such as Cheaper Window Glass.